Hey Jackpudding! Stop Maffling And Start Uptraining!

Need a midweek break? Here are 26 obscure and wonderful words from Webster for your Wednesday!

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Discovering The Art Of Discovery

The new book, The Art Of Discovery, asks us to acknowledge the role the arts have played in our lives, from appreciation and inspiration to perspiration and determination.  And as we turn the pages in this highly collaborative and beautiful book, remembering all that the arts have given to us, we in turn are giving back.

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19 Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

Fall Crafts For Kids, Create Treasures With Free Book

Isla Davis, author of 19 Fall Craft Ideas For Kids, provides parents with creative ideas for keeping small hands busy this season. Her book will be free as a digital download on Amazon September 6th – September 9th. Read more…

Cold Night Warm Belly Slow Cooker Game Day

Easy Game Day Slow Cooker Recipes For Fall

Paul Allen, author and semi-professional chef, loves fall, football, and food. His book, 35 Game Day Recipes For The Slow Cooker, offers easy game day slow cooker recipes for fall meals and parties. It will be free today through the 29th on Amazon. Read more…

Harper Lee Quote

Kindle Highlights Reveal Most Popular Quotes In Classic Books

From Huffington Post:

Earlier this year, Amazon’s Kindle team revealed which passages are highlighted most frequently across all of their ebooks. Unsurprisingly, lines from Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games trilogy topped off the list of most-highlighted quotes, followed by passages from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Read more…

Kindle Family Library

Amazon Kindles Now Create Family Libraries

Thank you Amazon for helping to make our Kindles even more functional! This is going to be a huge game changer when it comes to digital books.  We are so glad Amazon realized the huge problem of not being able to share digital books with family on the Kindle and have taken action to fix it!  The ability to share books, whether digital or not, is crucial.  Books are written to be shared! Read more…

MDY Meditation 3

Best Prenatal Yoga Guide Has Poses For All Trimesters

Julie Schoen, yoga instructor, author, and entrepreneur, and Little Pearl Publishing are releasing their prenatal yoga guide, Mommy Does Yoga, for free this Labor Day weekend on Amazon. The guide is filled with the best yoga poses for all trimesters. Read more…

Paleo Recipes

Best Paleo Lunch Recipes Free In Popular Cookbook

Paleofied Lunch, one of author Lauren Pope’s Caveman Family Favorites Cookbooks, will be free through August 26th on Amazon.com, filled with thirty of the best Paleo lunch recipes.

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