12 Books To Lift Your Spirits When You Need It Most

Sometimes, you need a pick-me-up. You're feeling blue, down in the dumps, maybe even dealing with a lump in your throat. Whichever idiom fits your situation, you're just not feeling like your best self. 

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The Hottest New Children Book Was Written Almost 200 Years Ago

A young girl with blonde ringlets and a ribboned dress bitterly embraces her father, begging him not to leave her alone at bedtime. "Dear Alice," he consoles her, "it is necessary for you to go my love, so go to bed my dear, and be ready for me tomorrow morning."

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5 Must-Read Books For Summer (Global List!)

Written by Ann Morgan

A few years ago, I made a shock discovery: Although I thought of myself as a fairly cosmopolitan, cultured person, my bookshelves told a rather different story about me. Pretty much everything on them was by British and North American writers and there was almost nothing in translation.

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Fictionally Breaking Historical Stereotypes: 6 Heroines To Get To Know

By Anna Freeman

The Fair Fight was inspired by the real-life bare-knuckle boxer, Elizabeth Stokes, who lived and fought in London in the early 1700s. When I found out that she'd existed I knew I wanted to write about the low, blood-spattered world she lived in. I had a very vivid picture of her, sitting and soaking her knuckles in brine to harden the skin, feeling her bruises and loose teeth, while elsewhere other women were worrying about what to wear to the next ball.

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New Library Model For Digital Age

A New Model For Libraries

From Huffington Post, By Chris Barnes

Public libraries can often go underappreciated in the days of Netflix, Spotify and Kindle. But that doesn't mean they should go unnoticed. As many public libraries grapple with how to stay relevant in the digital age, a few are standing out for their unique offerings that provide their community with much more than books. Check them out:

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Read More 2015

Resolving To Read More In 2015? Here’s How…

From Huffington Post, By Sara Nelson

Just in case you're short of resolutions to make this year, let me add one more to the chorus. Vow to read more in 2015! As a person who reads a couple hundred books a year and probably needs to read a few more (It's my job! Poor me!), I'm often asked by friends and acquaintances what to read – and how to find the time to read it. Here, then, are some of my rules for the read:

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Banning Books At Bars

Should Reading In Bars Be Banned? A Case Is Made…

Coffee shop reading and studying is as common as finding The Hunger Games in home libraries these days.  And while no one seems to be questioning the marriage between coffee and a good book, some are making the case for the divorce of bar-time reading. 

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Cake Recipes From America 1_F(1)

Best Cake Recipes Free in Amazon Cookbook

Highlighting the best cake recipes America has to offer, A Slice Of American History will be free as a digital download on Amazon today through November 10th. Filled with history, memories, and delicious cakes, this book is one to have for the holidays.

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