Kindle Family Library

Amazon Kindles Now Create Family Libraries

Thank you Amazon for helping to make our Kindles even more functional! This is going to be a huge game changer when it comes to digital books.  We are so glad Amazon realized the huge problem of not being able to share digital books with family on the Kindle and have taken action to fix it!  The ability to share books, whether digital or not, is crucial.  Books are written to be shared! Read more…

MDY Meditation 3

Best Prenatal Yoga Guide Has Poses For All Trimesters

Julie Schoen, yoga instructor, author, and entrepreneur, and Little Pearl Publishing are releasing their prenatal yoga guide, Mommy Does Yoga, for free this Labor Day weekend on Amazon. The guide is filled with the best yoga poses for all trimesters. Read more…

Paleo Recipes

Best Paleo Lunch Recipes Free In Popular Cookbook

Paleofied Lunch, one of author Lauren Pope’s Caveman Family Favorites Cookbooks, will be free through August 26th on, filled with thirty of the best Paleo lunch recipes.

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Kettlebell WORKOUTS

Best Kettlebell Exercises For Women Released In Free Book

The popular eBook Get In Shape With Kettlebell Training demonstrates thirty of the best kettlebell workouts and exercises for women, complete with pictures and detailed instructions. The digital book is free August 19th – 20th on Amazon.

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Mommy Does Yoga Cover

Discover Why So Many Mommies-To-Be Love Prenatal Yoga With Our Newest Book

Prenatal yoga has been around for decades, helping women stay active and comfortable during pregnancy.  And while there is no doubt that prenatal yoga is great for expecting moms' health, many also believe that practicing yoga while pregnant is great for baby's health too.

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Best Essential Oils Guide

Essential Oils Guide Just Released Discusses Uses And More

Little Pearl Publishing and essential oil expert Natalie Greene have published a new essential oils guide, covering topics like application basics, profiles, aromatherapy, and health and beauty uses. The guide will be free through Monday on Amazon.

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How To Make Essential Oils Useful Guide Greene

Essential Oil Obsession: Our Latest Book Delivers The Goods When It Comes To Essential Oil Know-How

In 2006 Natalie Greene, author of Little Pearl Publishing's latest book How To Make Essential Oils Useful, was ready to give up completely.  She, like many moms, felt over-worked, overwhelmed, over stressed, underpaid, and under appreciated.  On top of that she silently suffered from chronic pain that only her husband and mom knew about.  Her two children were starting to feel the impact of her depression and the guilt was driving Greene mad.

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Summer Reading Success

Summer Reading Success Program Has Huge Impact For Low-Income Children

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is a wonderful organization that unites book lovers not only for sharing great reads, but for changing the world through the power of reading.  Recently RIF posted an update about a new program they launched, Summer Reading Success, that is helping students from low-income families access books and knowledge while on summer break.

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