New Paleofied Cookbook Series Makes It Easy To Cook For Your Family, Reap Benefits of Paleolithic Diet

Little Pearl Publishing, founded by New Mexican Julie Schoen, is always on the hunt for the next digital books destined to become bestsellers.  So when Little Pearl was approached by Lauren Pope, an enthusiast of the popular “new” diet commonly known as The Paleo or Caveman Diet, with the idea to create cookbooks to help families wanting to eat healthier and follow a no-gluten, no-grain, no-dairy, and no-processed sugar regiment, a deal was struck.

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“Lauren contacted my company with a stellar idea and years of experience with a trend that many people are just now discovering,” states Schoen.  “She wanted to fill a void in the market, one she personally struggled with when trying to follow a strict diet and cook for her family simultaneously.”

Pope explains that it was easy to cook for herself, a health and fitness junkie who didn’t mind cutting out everyday comforts like refined sugar and breads.  “But when it came to trying to create three meals a day for my hungry boy, cold turkey cuts and eggs just weren’t going to cut it.”  Pope admits to wanting to throw the towel in on the Paleolithic style of eating a few times, not because she didn’t like it (in fact, she is obsessed with it), but simply because it became too hard.

“I’m a working mom and after a long day, coming home to a whiny kid who only wants to eat pizza… well, it gets tough.”

But Pope didn’t give up.  Instead, she committed hours of time in the kitchen each weekend, testing new ideas that were “Paleofied”, as she calls them, and ones that her son would not only down, but ones that he actually would ask for again and again.

The result of Pope’s commitment is a new series of “Paleofied” cookbooks, The Caveman Family Favorites, six in total, covering every meal of the day, desserts, slow cookers, and her favorite, a holiday edition.  Little Pearl Publishing is launching this series of cookbooks today on Amazon and they will be free all weekend.

“I just really want to help other moms and families like me,” says Pope.  “I know that cooking something healthy and something that people love can be incredibly tough, and that is why I wanted to make these cookbooks available to the whole world.  I know these recipes and ideas will help a lot of people eat healthier and feel better – they did for me.”


Special times of the year deserve special meals.  So why not impress your guests with an incredible Paleofied holiday menu?  You will have your family begging to join the caveman club (and borrow this cookbook) in no time!

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These recipes, although a bit naughty, are still a far better option than the buttery, gluten-filled fiends staring at you from the window of your local bakery.  Even non-believers will be begging for more of these indulgent Paleofied desserts!

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This cookbook is the answer for moms like me who want to serve their family delicious Paleofied meals.  Meals that are reminiscent of old family favorites, the ones that warm your belly on a cool night and keep the family gathered around the table well after the food is gone.

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Lunch should be delightful, refueling us for the rest of the day and tempting our palettes for a delicious dinner that awaits us.  Discover a month’s worth of Paleofied lunches that will turn your family’s midday slump into their favorite part of the day!

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Is the thought of breakfast the only thing that will get you out of bed in the mornings?  Or is the thought of cooking breakfast what keeps you from jumping out of bed?  These Paleofied breakfast recipes are guaranteed to put a little spring in your family’s step!

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There is nothing better than coming home to the smell of a dinner ready to be served.  Prepare for those jam-packed nights with delicious Paleofied slow cooker recipes, guaranteed to put a smile on your family’s face even after the craziest of days!

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