Transformative Yoga Practices For Energized Mornings and Peaceful Nights

The increasing popularity of yoga over the past decade has lead to expansive studies performed by the medical field to discover the numerous benefits contained in the ancient practice of yoga.  Author Julie Schoen, who has been practicing and teaching yoga for nearly a decade, doesn’t need a doctor to tell her why yoga is helpful; she has been experiencing the amazing benefits herself, helping her body recover from a major accident in 2005, battle depression, and prepare her body and mind for the birth of her son this past summer.  In her new books, Good Day Yoga and Good Night Yoga, Schoen focuses on how certain yoga poses can be effectively used to give the body more energy in the morning and then help the body relax for a full night’s sleep at night.

“Most people who practice yoga know a good class when they take it, but have a hard time pinpointing exactly what it is that makes them feel so good,” explains Schoen.  She says that the instructors who can teach a fantastic class understand the subtle differences between the poses and sequence a class that focuses on a specific goal.  In the case of her new books, the sequences photographed and detailed have been carefully crafted to give very different results.

“The poses in Good Day Yoga are meant to wake the body up, invigorating the muscles and internal organs, and filling the body with energy for the day.”  In the case of Good Night Yoga, Schoen says that the poses and sequences offered “soothe the body into deep relaxation, preparing you, even if you suffer from insomnia, for a full night’s rest”.

With a similar look and feel to the popular yoga magazines that tempt us on our way out of stores, Good Day and Good Night Yoga provide answers and insight along with detailed descriptions and beautiful photographs.

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