Julie Schoen Reveals Yoga’s Ability To Improve Immune System In Newly Released Book

With flu season in full-swing, people are doing everything they can to stay healthy.  And while all the common-sense advice is effective the majority of the time, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, avoid crowded, poorly ventilated rooms when possible, there is another simple way to boost the immune system, and it’s something most probably have never heard of.  In her new book, Super Immunity Yoga, yoga instructor Julie Schoen explains how practicing yoga can improve immunity year-round and offers several poses and sequences that target supporting the immune system specifically.

In her book, Schoen explains the basic functioning of the immune system, and how it relies heavily on the lymphatic system in order to work properly.  After this brief but informative introduction, Schoen then convinces the reader as to why yoga is so effective for helping the lymphatic system run more effectively.  This fascinating yet rarely discussed connection between super immunity and yoga practice makes this read more than just enjoyable – it provides an effective answer that is both holistic and logical.

“The goal of this book is simple: to help people stay healthy,” explains Schoen who has been teaching yoga since 2008.  “This approach to health and immunity might seem new, but the principles have been around for thousands of years.  People tend to forget that yoga is more than just a great way to exercise; it was designed to optimize the body and mind, how everything functions and communicates with each other.  The practice is equally as beautiful as the effects.”

Schoen’s ability to provide precise instructions for each pose along with beautiful photography has made her “Just Do Yoga” series on Amazon one of the most popular in the yoga niche.

Discover for yourself why you should “Just Do Yoga” and buy Super Immunity Yoga today!

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